About Immensetech

Immensetech Ltd. is an independent company based in UK. Our main business is research and development of Artificial Intelligence systems, offer intelligent software and computer system solutions for business and consumers. We also develop useful small utilities and web services targeting wider range of audiences for free. We are also looking for business cooperations to move our company's business forward.

Technology and Research

We are committed to science and technology. Our research and development is mainly focused on our knowledgeable fields in AI such as Neural Networks and Machine Learning. We also experienced web-based application development and providing consultation services. In addition to industrial standards: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, C we also work with open source products such as Python, MySQL which are used in our AI projects.

Freeware and Shareware

At Immensetech we believe and respect the concept of freedom. Most of our small utilities are freely available under GPL or MIT open source licenses. We also develop quality shareware and endeavour to reduce the cost to keep the price of software and consultation reasonable. As a contributor to the open source community, we host our open source projects on SourceForge and Google Code.

Commercial Software and Solutions

We are specialised in AI and working on some large scale projects. However we still provide consultation services for different requirements which need AI or complex data processing to facilitate their businesses, including but not limited to web based systems.